Questi sono i miei pensieri.

To all writers that would like me to be their beta:

Here is just a little information on what type of stories I will beta:

Pairings: Ryan/Brendon, Adam/Kris, Spencer/Jon, Waycest, Gerard/Frank, Ray/Mikey, Gabe/William, most TAI pairings, and any pairings from the show Queer as Folk. These are just pairings I am used to. I am completely willing to do other pairings.

Specialities: I mostly excel in grammatical and punctuational corrections, but am also well versed in word variation, sentence structure, story plot help, story flow, and spelling.

What I will not beta: girl!fics, torture/beating/abuse/drug/non con stories (I am merely not comfortable with these), and brutal main character deathfics  (The only time I will beta these is if the writer wants the ending of their story to be a tear-jerker.).

Experience: Although this is my first time beta/editing on the internet, I do have other experience. I am an on-call editour for two friends and I am frequently asked to revise and edit many college essays and repourts. I am also an editour at a publishing company.

If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail me at



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